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If you are looking for a company thats total focus is on providing the best in customer service than Mid-Atlantic Flight Group, Inc. is the right choice for you.

At Mid-Atlantic Flight Group, Inc. we are focused on listening to the customer and providing the best possible solutions to their aviation needs.

If buying new are you getting all you can from the manufacturer?   We offer the experience in assisting you in selecting the proper avionics for your operational region along with outfitting the aircraft. From start to finish Mid-Atlantic Flight Group, Inc. can take the worries from you and manage the entire completion process!

Selling? Are you getting true market value? Mid-Atlantic Flight Group, Inc. can provide you with todays market values.

Looking to upgrade avionics? We can help with selection and manage the upgrade for you.

Do you own a Yacht with helicopter operations?  Mid-Atlantic Flight Group, Inc. can manage and operate the helicopter for you. We have experience in operating helicopters from some of the largest "Super Yachts" and offer international experience! So if you winter in the Caribbean and summer in the Med. we can help!

Mid-Atlantic Flight Group, Inc. offers both domestic and international flight experienced operations for both fixed wing and helicopter operations.

"For Us, It Is All About Customer Service"

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